Our Vision

Our vision as a church family has evolved as we have become part of the local community over the years. When we began in 1992, our vision was Serving the Community and we started this by building the Open Door Centre which at first hosted Cafe Rose and we then added other volunteer-led community programs. It’s been a great place to meet people and get to know our community.

The second stage of our vision continues our love for the town through i Heart Carrickfergus – we served the community when we were new to the town but now as active members in the community, we love that we are here and want to continue showing love however we can and however is needed.

We’re a local church serving in the heart of the Sunnylands community.

We love being part of our community and the connections we have formed over the years with our local primary school, football team, youth and community organisations and so many others.

Carrickfergus is a vibrant town with a love for our history and for our future; we care passionately for each other and our generosity can be seen evidently though the many organisations, community groups and churches who give to each other.