Building Project

Building Project

Completion is Coming

Completion is Coming

God uses generous people to accomplish His extravagant purpose.

It’s taken its time, and we’ve learnt a lot in the process. Along the way we’ve learnt  patience and how God’s timing is always perfect. God continued to speak and lead us throughout the building process, through big and small, to the place we find ourselves today.

This project has always been a big part of our vision to serve our community – It’s not about completing a building. It’s what we believe God has ahead of us.

We came here nearly 30 years ago to love and care for our community. In the middle of this pandemic we’re still committed to that call as we endeavour to advance the kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Current Phase

Right now we’re painting. In completing the building we need to always think 3 steps ahead so as everything is completed in the right order and doesn’t need to be redone later down the line.

Next phase

The next phase for us is to complete the design of the two staircases needed. The first staircase is inside in the main hallway and the second is for outside fire exit access. We have already started that process and are working with local companies in Carrickfergus and the Building Control office to make sure all the necessary standards are met.

We have already ordered all of the 14 doors needed for downstairs. We expect to take delivery of them in late October and have them fitted mid November.

Once the doors are fitted and the main staircase has been installed we can then look at carpeting the entire building.

Ways To Give

We are thankful for all those who have giving generously over the years in finances, resource and prayer, to enable us to reach this point.

If you would like to give towards our current building project, you can give directly through PayPal or use your online banking, to set up a standing order or make a one off donation.

If you would like to connect with us regarding our building project, you can email us at


Keep Up To Date

Check out our social media platforms for updates, videos and live content from our progress.

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